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Spanninga Pixeo Xds (Standlight version)

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The most versatile we have tested ...

Spanninga Pixeo hub dynamo (dynohub) taillamp

We at Intelligent Design Cycles have been in the process of developing high quality but affordable hub dynamo driven lights for a number of years. Our mission is to bring high quality hub dynamo driven lighting systems to the market that rival if not surpass the best in the trade, but would nevertheless be affordable enough that parents concerned about child safety would consider putting them on their children’s bicycles. During the course of this exercise we have personally tested all the best German, Dutch, Finnish and other hub dynamo lamps we have been able to find with the intention of bringing the best aspects from each maker into our products. Two years later … we are still hard at work (the product development process is a bit more difficult than this former international trade economist imagined). But …

There is one Dutch company Spanninga that has developed a dynamo tail lamp that is perhaps the most versatile that we have come across. Although the Spanninga Pixeo is designed primarily to fit on the rear mudguard of a bicycle, its small form factor makes it a good pick for mounting bicycles without racks or mudguards. IDC has worked with Spanninga to put together a package that will allow the Pixeos we sell to be mounted on seat posts and cantilever bosses as well as rear mud guards.

For its size, the Pixeo packs quite a punch as photos of the beam pattern show. Indeed, unlike the average battery powered blinkie - i.e. 99% of rear lamps on the market - its beam pattern is optically engineered to meet the demanding German StVZO regulation for bicycle rear lamps. (Please note that the Pixeo is a steady light and does not have a blink setting which would be disallowed under the StVZO regulation.) In tune with its counterpart for bicycle headlamps, the StVZO requirement for tail lamps derives from the data-rich and extensively studied field of automotive safety. Drawing from its subfield relating to passive lighting in tail lamps, the light emitted from the Pixeo is shaped to form a rectangular pattern (see wall photos) in order to minimize the waste of light going in directions (mostly upwards), which would do little to enhance bicyclists’ conspicuity. Specific brightness requirements at multiple points within this rectangle must also be met, which have been developed based on extensive real-world experience relating to optimizing bicyclists’ conspicuity vis-à-vis vehicles approaching from behind. No less important - indeed perhaps even more so - is that fact that the Pixeo also directs a portion of light diagonally and sideways. Indeed, automobile-bicycle accident collision research underscores how sideways and frontal conspicuity can be more important that rearward conspicuity. In short, the Pixeo is not just another bicycle tail lamp, but one that has been optically engineered to deliver conspicuity and safety based on extensive research and experience in the field of passive lighting for automotive safety for rearward lighting.

We have been familiar with these lamps for over two years and have yet to hear about a failure to date. As an authorized retailer and distributor of Spanninga products, we also provide a 1-year warranty on these lamps.

* Yes, it is possible for the Pixeo to be powered together with second standard dynamo rear lamp such as the Herrmans H-Track (as shown in the photo). Using two tail lamps will cause the front lamp to be marginally dimmer at low speeds, but makes little difference at speeds above 15 mph (20 km/h).

Compatibility: This lamp is compatible with all standard hub dynamos headlamps that we sell and are aware of, and is an excellent match with the SunUp Eco bicycle light generator.

Standlight: The stand light on the Pixeo is very bright and will remain on for well over 4 minutes after the bicycle has come to a stop thus easily surpassing the German StVZO minimum performance requirement.

Switch: This lamp has no on/off switch, but must normally be connected to a dynamo headlamp that may have an on/off switch.

Overvoltage protection: In line with most modern dynamo lights we are aware of, the Pixeo comes with overvoltage protection insulating the LED from excess power at high speeds. 

Warning! Do not use the Spanninga Pixeo or any dynamo tail lamp without a front lamp. The overvoltage protection for standard dynamo tail lamps is engineered to rely on the extra electrical load produced by the front dynamo lamps to function safely. Wiring this lamp directly to a standard dynohub in the absence of a front dynamo lamp will result in speedy failure of the lamp.

Included mounting hardware: The light comes with complete mounting apparatus for mounting on: (1) bicycle mudguards, (2) seat posts (3) cantilever bosses and (4) a connector for tail lamp wiring. 

Optional mounting hardware (1): A 2-meter cable with spade connectors (headlamp end) and neatly trimmed cable (tail lamp end) is available for an additional USD 2.00.

Optional mounting hardware (2): Retro metal protectors are available in silver or black are available for an additional USD 2.50.

Reflector: The integrated reflector is StVZO compliant "Z" standard quality meaning that it meets demanding German peripheral visibility requirements. This quality of reflector is noticeably more visible that non-Z standard reflectors ... seriously.