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Sinewave Cycles Revolution

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The Impossible Dream?

 ** A USD 10 discount will be applied on purchases of this solution if accompanied by a hub dynamo, dynamo headlamp or wheel or wheelset. **

The Sinewave Cycles Revolution


There is a small but growing number of options for charging USB electronic devices with standard hub or bottle dynamos. But we at Intelligent Design Cycles have been generally unsatisfied with most we have tested because such devices tend to have the same frustrating flaw. They normally don't produce sufficient power to increase the charge on a smartphone while riding with the backlight on full power and running energy hungry GPS applications. In most cases, our smartphones indicated that they were charging, but in practice the power level decreased as we rode. The Sinewave Cycles Revolution was the only dynamo/USB charging device we tested that actually increased the charge on our smartphones with backlight on full brightness while running energy hungry GPS applications. And it did so at speeds an average cyclist can managei.e. faster than 10 mph.


Imagine the possibilities, you could ride your bike all day with the music on. You could ride all night with your dynamo lights on (albeit dimmer, while at the same time relying on GPS navigation (with judicious use of screen time). You could charge your USB powered lighting system during the day and rely on it at night while charging your smartphone.


We recommend that you install this device with a dynamo headlamp that has a switch. Doing so will allow you to wire the Revolution together with the same connector for the headlamp to your hub or bottle dynamo. During the day, you can turn lights off allowing for full power to charge your USB device(s). At night you have the option of disconnecting your USB device(s) and running your headlamp at full brightness. Or, you could leave your USB device connected accepting that your lamp will be dimmer (though sufficient), and the rate of charge would be less than necessary to keep the backlight on without gradually discharging your smartphone.


Is the Revolution weather resistant?

Under Water


The producer of this product is confident that you can use it without concern under difficult conditions. We have not done this test but take the word of the friendly folk at Sinewave Cycles on this one. We have tested the Revolution in poor weather conditions with good results and reports on the internet to date attest to its robustness under demanding use.



      Best in class efficiency
      High Speed Overload Protection
      Simple Installation 
      Light Weight
      Shock and vibration toughened
      Gold-plated USB connector won't rust or corrode


      Starts charging at 3.5 MPH (5.5 km/h)
      Full charging at 9 MPH (14.4km/h) 
      Max current: 1 Amp 
      Weight: 37 grams
      Dimensions: 14x35x54 mm
      Wire length: 36" (91 cm) 
      Wire ends: Stripped wire


      1 year on defects in materials and workmanship.






Schmidt 4.8mm piggyback connectors

Schmidt 4.8mm connectors

(please note the charge for this option is USD 0.25 and not 0.00 as shown above)


USB splitter

Gold plated quick-release connectors

Schmidt 4.8mm Piggyback Connectors

Schmidt 4.8mm Connectors Gold plated quick-release connectors Gold plated quick-release connectors