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IDC Classy

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Well mannered, comely and professional.


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The IDC Classy Wheelset
The IDC Classy Dynamo Wheelset is the affable younger cousin of the pioneering rough-hewn Stout. The Classy is known for its remarkable temperament matching style with resilience and approachability with steadfastness. His countenance is defined by his comely mirror polished H Plus Son TB14 rims and Shutter Precision PV-8 dynohub. This classic box style rim provides the vertical compliance underlying his easygoing attitude at work and forgiving nature at play. It is however his performance under pressure, most notably during speedy descents over rude (in the French sense) surfaces, when his character truly shines.

My most memorable experience with the Classy wheelset was during a ride up Snow Mountain which is a 43 km climb up a young geological formation in central Taiwan … yes you read that right − 43 kms of unbashful and unrelenting ascent. During this climb, the Classy’s sturdy 3 cross 32 spoke wheel build on double butted stainless steel spokes provided clean and dependable power transfer winding competently up the uneven tarmac of this seemingly unending climb. Yes, many considered my choice of wheelset a foolish vanity and opted for the super light and stiff V section wheelsets so popular today. But such folly came at a cost to their sociability and composure … at least during the descent.

And, it was indeed during the descent that the Classy wheelset proved its mettle. The box style rim with generous 23mm outer rim width allowed the fitted 23mm tires to provide the unexpected suppleness normally associated with 25s. This attribute proved invaluable throughout an uninterrupted descent over uneven roads approaching two hours (most riders needed to stop a number of times to let their cramped braking digits to "unlock"). The predictable and dependable vertical compliance reduced muscle fatigue smoothing out minor imperfections in the road while at the same time providing executive calibre “road feel” troubling the rider to handle only the most outstanding flaws along the pavement.

Unlike the more competition-oriented “light and stiff at all costs” V section rims that I had become accustomed to riding in recent years, the TB14s provided well-mannered (even forgiving) handling allowing the rider to casually reel in “inadvertent” departures from the perfect line … which naturally occurred from time to time throughout the sharp steep turns peppering this formidable mountain descent. This combination of smoothness and forgiveness also proved an invaluable source of reduced fatigue during that long anxious downward spiral punctuated by angry rain and thick fog − which truly made the anytime anywhere dynamo lighting system it powered a welcomed companion indeed!

During the last quarter of that descent, I could not help but glow (mildly) with satisfaction as I looked over at my buddies sitting tenderly astride their deep V section carbon rims fitted to even stiffer carbon frames. I could literally "hear" the grimaces on their faces which signaled with Morse code like precision the transmission of “information” from uneven tarmac to their stiffened, swollen and tender hands.

The IDC Classy Wheelset: resilient, consistent and confident when going up − even when behind. The IDC Classy Wheelset: mild, urbane and affable coming down − even when out front. The IDC Classy Wheelset: guaranteed to set you apart on lackadaisical Sunday afternoon tweed runs with effete mirror polished box profile rims.
Weight: F: 1145g R: 1035g Pair: 2180g (w/o QR)

Build: These are NOT wheels built by machine or made up from materials that happen to be on hand. Each wheel has been engineered by highly proficient and experienced wheel builders (who also produce wheels for some of the most exclusive competition oriented brands). By “engineered” we mean that the precise spoke tensions to which each wheel is built takes into account the specific characteristics of the hand picked rims, spokes, nipples and hubs we use. Notably, the specification spoke tensions for the front wheel as well as the drive and non-drive side of rear wheels each differ and have been calibrated to optimise stiffness, resilience and thus durability. Indeed, each wheel must pass through a rigorous process requiring:
  • Complete hand lacing and tensioning.
  • Stressing (by specialized equipment) and re-truing by hand a minimum of three times to “seat” the build and reduce the possibility of spokes being left twisted after final truing. (Twisted spokes are the bugbear of wheel building as they eventually untwist when subject to load [i.e. riding] thus reducing spoke tension and leaving wheels untrue despite their having been true when they left production facilities. This labor-intensive [i.e. expensive] process greatly minimizes − and occasionally obviates entirely − the need for re-truing following the initial month of riding recommended by reputable bike shops.)
  • Beyond the minimum three rounds of stressing and re-truing, each wheel is also subject to inspection for evenness in spoke tensions. This is the CRUCIAL, often overlooked but essentially “invisible” element determining the long-term durability of a bicycle wheel. (An evenly tensioned wheel is better able to disperse shocks from road imperfections “throughout” the wheel rather than stressing a number of highly tensioned spokes which are then more likely to loosen or break.)
RimH Plus Son TB14, a classic box style double-walled, double eyeletted and  polished to mirror perfection.

Front hub: Shutter Precision PV-8, a cutting-edge hub dynamo (390g w/o QR), known for its lightweight, reliability and efficiency.

Rear hub: Vuelta RA06 Is Vuelta's new light, elegant, stiff and dependable rear hub (256g w/o QR).

Freehub type: Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 speed compatible.

Axle Width (OLD): 100mm front and 130mm rear.

Spokes: High-grade double butted stainless steel for strength, resiliance and corrosion resistance.

Nipples: Chrome plated brass to protect against galvanic seizing with the spoke while also protecting the exterior of the nipple against corrosion.

Lacing: Modern 32 hole 3 cross pattern for strength, reliability and durability.