More than just a recreational activity, bicycles are rapidly becoming part of our lifestyles. For an increasing number of people, bicycles are replacing automobiles and feet as the basis for personal mobility. Indeed, bicycles are even becoming modes of individual self-expression. Intelligent Design Cycles supports this encouraging, diverse and refreshing global trend.

IDC was founded by an international trade and development economist bewildered by his profession's inability to mend the cyclical state of crisis in the international economy. His career began with a decade-long excursion into the field of policy research within governmental, international and non-governmental organizations. Recently, he took a detour out of the "policy wonk" field and into the bicycling for sport and financial self-reliance one. Formerly a bike team member during his college days, he returned to the sport (many lbs. heavier) initially via communing to work. Quickly moving on to riding longer distances after leaving the policy research field, he noted abundant products developed for competition-oriented road and mountain bikes - but a relative lack of innovation for transportation-related bicycling.
IDC was thus founded to address this innovation gap as an enterprise dedicated to identifying and representing as well as developing its own high-value solutions for the international cycling community. The founder is also today lighter, healthier and happier than during his harried international economic policy-oriented days.

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