We emphasise the term “solutions” over “products” because we weight function over form in the solutions we develop and carry. Solutions we carry must pass our high standards for performance, reliability and cutting edge user-friendliness. In short, we expect our solutions to “work” and to do so consistently and over time. Towards this ideal, we do painstaking market research and conduct exhaustive testing on all solutions developed under, and carried by, the IDC mark. Our goal is for our customers to find that our solutions prove no compromises are necessary among our principles of safety, convenience and environment. These principles are in-fact symbiotic and underpin the sustainability of the values we strive for in our solutions.
We are at the moment enthralled with generator based lighting systems for bicycles. What else, we ask, expresses our principles more elegantly than the concept of a perpetual lighting device for bicycles? Bolted to the frame and never low on charge, they are very convenient. By purpose and design, they are safety enhancing. They also never drain batteries thus reducing environmental impact. Generator based lighting systems for bicycles are back, but this time with the gratuitous punch of LED light, essentially friction-free generators and product service lives sometimes longer than the bicycles to which they are fitted. Today, such systems can also power your favorite USB standard electronic devices on the road and far from mains electricity. In terms of safety, convenience and environment, generator based lighting systems for bicycles are quite possibly the ultimate “fit and forget” solution! Got light?
But, we also have many more ideas in the pipeline …

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