Source 1: (Baby gorilla) Animal Photos! Photographer: Frank Wouters
Source 2: (Adult gorilla) Wikimedia Commons. Photograph taken by Kabir Bakie at the Cincinnati Zoo July, 2005.

Lighting solutions that we have carry and those we have developed for commuters and recreation were are designed to maximise utility and safety. We believe in free choice as well as our responsibility for optimising our own and our customer’s probability for survival. Lighting systems we are developing, currently carry and other “solutions” have been designed or selected based on the findings of traffic safety research including multi-country assessments of bicycle accidents and preventative safety measures. This “book research” is also tempered by many decades of personal experience riding bicycles and motorcycles all over the world. Our familiarity with a very broad spectrum of road conditions, motorist cultures and regulatory frameworks for ensuring bicycle safety on public roads now informs our Application Specific Design (ASD) approach to production selection and development.


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