Sometimes we run into cyclists that we know are going to be really tough on our gear and provide valuable feedback on their performance under extreme conditions!

Jefe Branhm (United States) – Armed with a Shutter Precision PD-8X, he proved his immunity to physical pain and sleep deprivation to win the Tour Divide in 2014.

Rob Dean (United Kingdom) - Is simply one of the burliest Endurance Mountain Bike Riders we know. He is busily mashing upon Shutter Precision PD-8X, PD-8, PV-8 and PD-7 hub dynamos as well as testing the Dosun U1!

Darron Spek (United Kingdom) - Completed an unsupported solo charity bike ride from North Cape in Norway to Malta, i.e. from the most northerly point in Europe to its most southerly country. You can read about his adventure at: One Man One Bike. He is already contemplating his next big adventure whilst wheeling about on his PD-8, Dosun U1 and Spanninga Pixeo equipped adventure machine.

Oleg Volkov (Russia) - Rode his entire 2013 brevet season on a prototype version of our IDC/Prolite Speed Wheelset. He reported that weather conditions were not so bad that year except for 3 days of rain in Scotland. Temperatures ranged from 2 to but 42 degrees! The most difficult test for the wheels (and my "sitting point") was the (absence of) road surface in Uzbekistan. Endless vibrations, pot holes and bumps. I worried about spokes but nothing happened. I bought a USB charger. Absolute freedom. Very-very useful in combination with GPS navigation. In short, I'm fully satisfied with the system (Speed Wheelset, Dosun U1 and Spanninga Pixeo), and I can recommend it to anybody spending more than an hour in the saddle at night. His brevet season included: May (850 km), June (1077 km), ChuiTrakt (1200 km), July (163 km), LEL (1570 km), August (71 km), September (188 km), SilkRoute (1210 km). Total: 6330 km.


Sometimes we run into cyclists out to raise awareness about social values they believe passionately about.

Mykal (Australia) and Nico (Netherlands) - Wrote us about their plan to "cycl[e] on self made bicycles through the Americas, visiting and promoting as many sustainable alternatives to our current energy rich lifestyle as we can possibly visit. From permaculture projects, transition towns and eco villages to DIY initiatives and bicycle co-operatives, we are be documenting, discussing and sharing with the world all we learn, teach and discover." You can follow their journey at: Chainge the Cycle. They have been powering their journey with Shutter Precision PV-8 and Sunup Eco spoke dynamos.


Sometimes we run into cyclists who simply "shock and awe" - in a progressive way of course ...

Todd Key (United States): Paralympic Cyclist and Motivational Speaker! When not motoring along on his race bike he can sometimes be found riding his Shutter Precision PD-8, Dosun U1 and Herrmans H-Track equipped touring bike. 

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