95 Lux! No kidding ...

Herrmans H-One S with Daytime Running Lights

We at Intelligent Design Cycles have been in the process of developing high quality but affordable hub dynamo driven lights for a number of years. Our mission is to bring high quality hub dynamo driven lighting systems to the market that rival if not surpass the best in the trade, but would nevertheless be affordable enough that parents concerned about child safety would consider putting them on their children’s bicycles. During the course of this exercise we have personally tested all the best German, Dutch, Finnish and other hub dynamo lamps we have been able to find with the intention of bringing the best aspects from each maker into our products. Two years later … we are still hard at work (the product development process is a bit more difficult than this former international trade economist imagined). But …

There is one Finnish company we have some across, Herrmans that has developed a lamp that is unequivocally superior in key characteristics to any dynamo headlamps we have tested. In recent months, fans of hub dynamo lighting systems have even used the term “game changer” on occasion when referring to the Herrmans H-One S dynamo headlamp. At a modest 12 miles per hour (20 km/h), this dynamo headlamp produces 75 lux with a taillamp attached. Without a taillamp, this unit puts out a “monster” 95 measured lux! We are aware of no other hub dynamo lamp coming close to such a figure at such moderate speeds. The other characteristic making this lamp such the talk in the world of dynamo lighting systems is its unexpected price point. You might ask yourself after looking at the brochure reprinted in the photo section whether the correct figure is 90 or 95 lux. It is in fact 95 as I have been informally assured by the mild mannered, understated and affable folks at Herrmans. They have the nowadays rare social quality of insisting on delivering more than they promise. Notably, a lux rating is not a "puffing" figure but an OTF (out the front) one, by definition.

The H-One S is comprised by a tough UV resistant plastic frame enclosed in a brawny aluminum rear housing that also acts as the heat sink for its powerful LED. It is also one of the few hub dynamo lamps that gives you the reassuring "feel" of quality as you pick up its 120 grams of rock-solid northern European engineering. The authoritative automotive beam pattern projected by the H-One S on the road conforms with the strict German StVZO regulation for bicycle headlamps as well as that for France. Like other high lux rated dynamo headlamps, the beam pattern includes a noticeably darker area between the bike and the beginning of its intense rectangular beam pattern which broadens progressively in width as it extends well down the road. The notable ability of this lamp to maintain intensity in beam pattern as it spreads out in a useful trapezoidal shape is enabled by the H-One S’ precision optics together with its LED which is driven to 150 “measured” lumens at just 20 km/h. Despite "spec sheet" claims of other high end dynamo lamp manufacturers, the average measured output of lamps often costing twice that of the H-One S lie in the 100-130 lumen range.

Like the Dosun U1 lamp we carry, the H-One S comes not only with weapons grade "to see" lighting but also impressive “to be seen” lighting comprised of two super bright dedicated LEDs arranged laterally below the main reflector. These two LEDs making up the H-One S’ Daytime Running Lights (DRL) provide a number of benefits resulting partially - and paradoxically - from the advantages of the strict StVZO regulation in reducing glare towards oncoming traffic. By requiring a strict horizontal cut off above which very little light from the frontal lighting is permitted to project, the distance at which motorists can see an oncoming cyclist is reduced. The combination of low power draw and relatively diffuse light coming from the LEDs compromising the DRL allows them to be pointed directly at oncoming traffic making the cyclist highly visible even during the day, and more so at night, without at the same time producing such a concentration of light that oncoming traffic is subject dangerous glare, dazzling or blinding. Yes, the H-One S makes sure you are seen, but not in a negative light ;). 

Moreover, a feature specific to the H-One S’ DRLs is that they are bright enough and indeed designed specifically to provide basic “to see” lighting in the near field when riding at very low speeds such as when climbing. Modest in electrical draw despite their luminous output, this feature is not very noticeable on well lit metropolitan avenues, but both clear and pretty reassuring when climbing or riding very slowly in completely unlit areas.

Our mission of making quality dynamo lamps available at reasonable prices means that we have procured these lamps at OEM prices. Passing this savings on to you also means that they come without retail packaging (good for the environment).

Although these lights are warehoused in Taiwan, they are actually produced in Finland (surprising?). Make no mistake, these workhorse lamps are designed to withstand use in very harsh winter conditions including outside storage for years after purchase. As an authorised retailer and distributor of Herrmans products, we also provide a 1-year warranty on these lamps.


Compatibility: This lamp is compatible with all hub dynamos we sell and are aware of, and is an excellent match with the SunUp Eco bicycle light generator.

Standlight: The DRL/standlight on this lamp will remain on for at least for at least 4 minutes after the bicycle has come to a rest in accordance with the strict German StVZO.

Switch: This is the version with standard on/off switching which makes it a good match for bicycles equipped with USB recharging equipment. This is not the version with automatic switching based on a light sensor.

Rear lamp: The light comes complete with mounting apparatus (spade connectors) that are compatible with any standard dynamo rear lamp.

Overvoltage protection: In line with most modern dynamo lights we are aware of, the H-One S comes with overvoltage protection insulating the LED from excess power at high speeds. 

Mounting hardware: This headlamp comes complete with the short stainless steel bracket pictured in the photo. This bracket is also suitable for mounting on cantilever bosses. 
Assembly instructions can be downloaded here.

Reflector: The integrated reflector is StVZO compliant "Z" standard quality meaning that it meets demanding German peripheral visibility requirements. This quality of reflector is noticeably more visible that non-Z standard reflectors ... seriously.
Intelligent Design Cycles is proud to be an authorised agent for Herrmans products worldwide. In short, dealer inquiries are warmly invited.

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Lawrence Roat
Jan 22 2014

Hello, I purchased an H-One S from Clever Cycles in Portland, Oregon USA. Lux reading at 10 meters is 98! Light is Halogen color. H-One is attached to AXA HR--No drag or noise. The light is missing the outlet plugs at the back. The light was a demo, so I got it at a reduced price. Best of regards, Larry

Feb 12 2015

Hi Larry, thanks for sharing your positive experience. Cheers! CT

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