Reliable dynamo lighting without changing your wheel ...

Sunup Eco DS-1R bicycle spoke dynamo

The Sunup Eco Spoke Dynamo is the better alternative for cyclists seeking to upgrade to the benefits of generator based lighting systems. Unlike a hub dynamo, it can be installed on most standard adult sized bicycles without the complication of changing or rebuilding the front wheel.

What about friction?

The Sunup Eco Spoke Dynamo is the most efficient bicycle generator on the market. High-end Shimano hub dynamos boast an efficiency of roughly 55 percent. This means that they require roughly 6 watts of kinetic energy from the cyclist to generate 3 watts of electrical energy. The Sunup Eco Spoke Dynamo has an efficiency of 84 percent meaning that it requires less than 4 watts of kinetic energy to generate 3 watts of power for your lights. For comparison, the widely regarded Schmidt hub dynamo has an efficiency of 65 percent.

* We recommend this spoke dynamo for use only with LED bicycle lamps and not traditional incandescent lamps which are compatible but will produce light only at higher speeds. 

But will I feel the drag?

Not really because a 4 watt increase in drag is a "drop in the bucket" compared to the 165 watts of kinetic energy that a 143 pound bike + rider must expend to maintain a speed of 20 mph on the flats - with 82% of that effort being used to overcome aerodynamic drag. (See:

How did they do it?

The Sunup Eco spoke dynamo is based on a three phase generator unlike standard hub dynamos which are single phase. The advantages of three phase generators are that they:


The benefits of DC versus AC are far ranging. First the DC generated by the Sunup Eco Spoke Dynamo is compatible with all dynamo lights on the market (which are designed for less advanced AC hub dynamos). More importantly as AC requires much less complicated electronics for use in LED and battery charging and other applications, if this spoke dynamo catches on, a wider range of more reliable and more cost friendly bicycle electronics becomes possible.

How heavy is it?

At 650 grams the Sunup Eco Spoke Dynamo is lighter than low-end Shimano hub dynamos (just under 800 grams) and heaver than their high-end variants (just under 500 grams). Put another way, it is about the weight of a full water bottle.

Is it a quality product?

The generator mechanism is entirely housed in thick hard-anodised aluminium, waterproofing is ensured by a full-frame solid rubber gasket and the units come complete with waterproof electrical connectors. Test units have survived well over 100,000 kilometers of simulated operation under lab conditions with little sign of deterioration in mechanical function. Test units have also been subjected to a range of motor vehicle harsh environmental conditions tests and passed with flying colors (See: Previously a senior engineer Sanyo and holding numerous patents in the field of electric motors, the product developer was not satisfied with a product that would be anything short of the demanding mil-spec classification ... no joke.

Will it fit my bike?

The Sunup Eco Spoke Dynamo can be fitted to virtually all standard non-disc and non- roller brake adult bicycles. It was not specifically designed to be fitted to folding bikes, but has been fitted with success on a number of brands. See below for a detailed installation guide.

Compatibility: The SunUp Eco DS-1R is is compatible with all standard hub dynamo headlamps that we sell and are aware of although we strongly recomend use with modern LED hub dynamos lamps.

Overvoltage protection: As is the case with modern hub dynamos, the DS-1R does not have overvoltage protection but does have a high speed safety shut off that is designed to function in conjunction with overvoltage protection systems standard on all modern hub dynamo lamps.

Mounting hardware: All hardware necessary to mount the DS-1R on standard non-disc brake adult bicycles is supplied with the kit including electrical cables and connectors. Please be advised additional cable may be necessary for installation on larger bicycles.
Dealer inquiries for this premium product are invited. Intelligent Design Cycles is supporting Sunup Eco’s efforts to develop and strengthen representation of it product line worldwide.

Here is what it looks like on a bike
Clean and rugged!

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